Association for the Protection of Children


Since 2001, APC-Nepal provides the street children of Kathmandu with a sympathetic ear, moral support and a wide range of facilities, including various shelters with living conditions where they can feel secure and have the freedom and opportunity to learn and develop.

Since its inception, APC has realized that street children can not and should not be considered as passive victims of their family, society, or fate. On the contrary, in spite of their young age, they need first to be listened to, empowered and respected as the prime actors of their lives and decisions. This realization has never ceased to guide APC's development throughout the years, and has greatly contributed to making APC one of the most successful NGOs for street and marginalized children in Nepal.

Nowadays the association cares daily for more than 400 children through 5 centers running 10 different programs designed to fit the needs of the most destitute children, living and working in the streets of Kathmandu.

Our Vision:

A world where children from poor, abusive or malfunctioning families do not need to end up in the streets any more to fight for their survival but are properly protected, taken care and guided by a  network of GOs and NGOs collaborating with each other in the best interest of the child.

APC-Nepal is a nepali non Profit and non Governmental Organization registered under Central District Office/Kathmandu (CDO Reg. # 544/063) and affiliated with the Social Welfare council (SWC Reg. # 21250).

Ramesh's Story

Ramesh is now 18 years old. He was born from a simple family in a village of Makwanpur District, south of Kathmandu. Ramesh had a very happy childhood until that day when his life took a different direction. With a sweet face and humble nature, he was showered with love by everyone. He used to go to school and after school go to nearby forests and river with his friends. It was during Dashain nine years ago – his family had gone to a relative's home at a neighboring village when his cousin stole money from home and ran away taking Ramesh with him. They went to the nearest city of Hetauda and soon after that Ramesh's cousin disappeared leaving him alone and confused.


"He is the child most rejected and, at the same time, most in need of acceptance;

the most difficult for adults to love and the most in need of adult affection;

the least trusted, and the most in need of trust;

the most abandonned and the most in need of family;

the most repressed and the most deserving of freedom;

the most forgotten and the most worthy of our remembrance. (Taçon)"

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